Though It may be smaller, but in the nations of higher education and research, Singapore is a big hitter. In the context of research and innovation, universities in Singapore are also gaining growing reputation and recognition.

Why Study in Singapore

+ - High Standard of Education
Singapore is now the host of two universities ranked in the top 15 in the world and two in the top 3 in Asia, according to the QS World University Rankings 2016. The universities in Singapore are renowned for their technology and engineering courses. Singapore is one of the leading educational nations in Asia.
+ - Education Grants
All international students are eligible to receive a grant for their tuition fees, which the amount varies depending on the course and institution. Students do not have to pay these fees back, but instead, they are required to stay in Singapore and work for a minimum of three years usually.
+ - Affordability
Singapore is relatively more affordable in comparison to other popular study destinations, like the USA and UK. With the tuition grants available to international students, Singapore is one of the most economic study abroad destinations you can choose.
+ - Multicultural Environment
Singapore is a multicultural and diverse island nation. People living, studying and working in Singapore have originated from around the world and as a result, the country is the collection of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and religions.
+ - Close to India
Studying abroad is difficult for many students, as it often means moving to another part of the world, away from home, and family. Singapore, in comparison with the US, UK or Australia is close to India.

Cost of Studying in the Singapore


Tuition fee is the main expenditure to study in the Singapore for international students. There is a wide range of tuition fee, based on university student want to apply for and the program student wants to pursue. If you want to bring down your educational expenses, it is better to apply to universities who has scholarship available for Indian students.

S. No. Degree/Programs Tuition Fees per year (In SGD)
25,000 to 45,000
Master – MS / MBA
25,000 to 99,000
30,000 to 40,000


In general, the living cost may be in the range of 15,000 to 25,000 dollars a year. This is based on the assumption that students would like to stay in which kind of accommodation.

Popular Courses to Study in Singapore